Fingers Duke

A collection of all items produced by and sold under the Fingers Duke brand. Designed by artists throughout the Pacific North West and beyond, including ourselves! Check it out, we have some pretty neat stuff.
Fingers Duke
Sleepy Hollow Decapitation Services Derek Nobbs Tee
Derek Knobbs Witch Tools Tee
Rosie the Riveter Sean Dietrich Tee
Predator Jeffrey Veregge
Love Birds Print Nicole Gress
Bremerton Washington Jason Welter Baseball Tee
Skeleton in medieval robe surrounded by astrological glyphs in grey by Brandon Stewart, on a black short sleeve tee
Eyestronomy Sam Enlow Red Tee
Sparky Grey Derek Nobbs Tee
Sparky Grey Derek Nobbs Tee
Xenomorph Rust Tee Jeffrey Veregge
Xenomorph Black Jeffrey Veregge Black Tee
Image of wind blown tree bent with exposed roots, lines are present to indicate wind, a small gravestone is to the side and “Behold the Nightmare” is below in white ink. Yellow leaves and a yellow crescent moon are also present. On navy blue shirt.
Gravestone Derek Nobbs Tee
Mt. Rainier Derek Nobbs Ladies Tank
Mt. Rainier Derek Nobbs Tee
Bremerton Jireh Soriano Black Hoodie
Bremerton Jireh Soriano Tee
Facehugger Jeffrey Veregge Tee
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