Frequently Asked Questions

Artists and designers throughout the Pacific Northwest, including ourselves. And our friends. Cool, hip, trendy people.

By check usually. Or PayPal or Venmo if the prefer.

For every shirt that we sell, the artist who designed the shirt receives a royalty. We pay out the royalties at regular intervals to try and keep the artists fed. So support local artists, and buy our shirts!

You can, but we do not guarantee that we will use it. We would love to see your art, but not everything lends itself to screen printing, and we are pretty picky about what kind of stuff we want to add to our line.


We do! We have our own professional screen printing and design company, so we do most everything in-house. Check out our other website:

Yes we do! Please click here to check out our screen printing page, or contact us directly at:


Just no.

Technically we can, but we won’t. Our designs are printed in limited runs in cordination with the artist or designer. They are only available as listed on our site.

It shouldn’t. We print for a living, so if a print washes off, something has gone terribly wrong. We use professional equipment and inks to print each shirt (and also professional people). With normal wear and cleaning, each print should last the life of the shirt.

It shouldn’t, at least not right away. If the shirt is printed with plastisol ink, there is a chance that after several washes the print may start to form a couple small cracks in the ink. This is from the shirt fabric getting stretched out.

If the shirt is printed with water based or discharge inks, there should not be any noticble cracking as the design should stretch with the shirt.

Each shirt, brand, and style runs a little bit differently. We try to print on shirts that are not too far off from true to size, but depending on what brand we use, they may run a little differently. We have tried to include the manufacturers sizing chart on most items.

Most likely. We try to print on pre-shrunk shirts, but depending on how you wash and dry your clothes, everything will generally shrink at least a little. For best results, don’t wash your shirts. Ever.*

*We're just kidding, please wash your clothes.

Unless there is something wrong with the item, we only accept returns of un-washed & un-worn items. Preferably with the tags still attached. You are responsible for shipping the shirt back to us, and we will issue a refund for the shirt cost once we receive the return. Please email return requests to

Click here for more our more in depth and legal speak return policy.

Just ice.

Absolutely. Check out our screen printing page here, or contact us directly at:

Yes, but it is not brick. I wish it was brick. That would be neat. We have a store front attached to our offices and print shop in Downtown Bremerton, WA. Come visit us!


On our site. At our store. Events we have booths at. The backs of your enemies. My closet.

Do you want to carry our products in your store? Yes! We offer wholesale pricing. Please see this page for our wholesale form or contact us at

Our security is tighter than post 9/11 TSA, minus the cavity searches. Our shop is run on a professional service called Shopify, and they make it their mission to protect you, the consumer. For more info on their security visit their page on PCI compliance here.

I dunno, what have you got?

Online we take credit/debit cards and PayPal. By mail or in person we accept cash, check, your actual credit card, the deed to your house, and awesome trades.

Ground Beef.

We send pretty much everything through the US Postal Service (or UPS). You pay for the shirt, you pay for shipping, and we send it to you as soon as we can.

The site calculates shipping using magic and your location. But mostly magic.

I am unfamiliar with our shirts dietary habits. I know they hold protests against bleach though.

It depends on how that week was going. But we promise we did not share with the shirts.

We source our blanks through several distributors, selling several brands, made in various countries. We love buying American Made, but we do not limit ourselves.

If a blank was made in the US, we will list it in the product description.

All shirts are printed by red-blooded Americans.

You know what? I tried. But editing websites can be a lot of work, so mostly they are a little bit all over the place.

Nope, we are fully independent and not directly involved in any local breweries daily operations. Chances are we do not know the answers to any of your non-shirt related questions. And no, we do not ship any beer.

Free returns

Returns within 30 days receive a full refund. Minus shipping. Unless there is something wrong with it, in which case we will pay for that too.

Worldwide shipping

Ship anywhere, rates available at checkout. I mean, mostly everywhere. Maybe not Antarctica. But maybe, we have not actually tried.

Chat With Us!

Use that thing in the bottom corner to chat with us! If one of us manages to notice the notification come through, we will respond in real time!

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