What is t-shirt short for anyways? What does the T stand for? Is it teeshirt? Is t-shirt really any more efficient than teeshirt?

Anyways, here is a collection of t-shirts available from Fingers Duke.

Jeffrey Veregge - Godzilla Tee Red
Xenomorph Black Jeffrey Veregge Black Tee
Sleepy Hollow Decapitation Services Derek Nobbs Tee
Xenomorph Rust Tee Jeffrey Veregge
Astronaut Kitty Barry Blankenship Dukes Tee
Mt. Rainier Derek Nobbs Tee
Predator Jeffrey Veregge
Black and white portrait of woman with red intestines emerging from her mouth by Brandon Stewart, printed on a black short sleeve t- shirt.
Facehugger Jeffrey Veregge Tee
Bremerton Jireh Soriano Tee
Black & White image by Brandon Stewart of a creepy woman with her chest cavity exposed on a black short sleeve t-shirt
Medusa Brandon Stewart Tee
Skeleton in medieval robe surrounded by astrological glyphs in grey by Brandon Stewart, on a black short sleeve tee
Drinkin on the Job Jason Welter Dukes Tee
Melanie Peterson - Night Sky Bear - Dukes Tee
Derek Knobbs Witch Tools Tee