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About Fingers Duke

Welcome to the Fingers Duke web store!

The Fingers Duke line is what happens when you give a handful of graphic designers and artists free access to a bunch of screen printing equipment.

When we started our graphic design studio and screen printing shop, it was very important to us that we not just become a t-shirt factory. While pumping out shirts for other businesses pays the bills, it was not enough to fulfill our creative drive. So between fulfilling orders and designing logos for other local companies, we were taking our own art and ideas to the press to create awesome t-shirts and prints.

Being fresh out of art school, and having a bunch of artist friends, it did not take long before some of them wanted in on this. They started giving us both finished art and pages out of their sketchbooks to make cool shirt designs.

With permission from our artists we started selling their work in the small art gallery we had attached to our shop, and splitting the profit from each sale with the creator. The artists loved seeing their work in print, we loved making cool shirts, and the customers loved getting an awesome shirt featuring original art.

Fast forward a couple years, and our goal is still to put great art and design on t-shirts. We work with a modest collection of great artists big and small to design and print fun, fashionable apparel. All of our artists maintain 100% ownership and creative control of their work, and receive a commission for each sale.