SD Devil Bill · Print

"Sometimes the Devil likes to kick back and relax with a nice bourbon!  What's that you say?  The Devil needs to relax?!  Reaping the souls of the worst humanity has to offer isn't all fun and games, slaps and tickles?!  HELL no!  And when the Devil does want a drink, he turns to the best of the best...a nice Bourbon! None of those other spirits can complete with the char and the wood and the burn of a Bourbon!  And why not invite an unsuspecting barrel to join literally DRINK himself to death.  After all, there's no partying with the Devil unless a price has been paid."

Art by Sean Dietrich

Dimensions: 11" x 17"

Digital Print

Limited Edition

Signed & Numbered

Printed on White (FSC Certified FSC Mixed 364.10 Sources) Silk Kelly Digital Coated Cover 81#

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